Which is Healthier Boiling or Steaming Vegetables

There are many vegetables that shouldn’t be eaten raw, but boiling them takes out much of the nutrition. Therefore, steaming is the better option. Furthermore, vegetables that have been steamed, look and taste better than those that have been boiled. Broccoli has that dark green color and firmness, but once it’s boiled, it loses its healthy color and many times it turns soft and mushy.

Cauliflower’s firm white flowers tend to turn a creamy yellow and can also wilt to mush when boiled. Cabbage turns from green to almost white and sometimes even pink. Beautiful white kernel corn turns off-white when boiled. Asparagus loses some of its green color when boiled and can also turn to mush.

A lot of people overcook their vegetables, taking away the nutrition and taste. Vegetables don’t need to be cooked to mush. The texture should be firm yet soft enough to easily chew. The longer they cook, the more nutrition and flavor they lose.

The color of a vegetable represents its nutritional content. When color is lost, nutrition is also lost. However, steamed vegetables retain most of the nutrients, allowing the vegetables to cook to a firm, yet palatable tenderness. Vegetables that are steamed have richer color, a firm texture, and much more flavor.

Steaming vegetables is really quite simple and can be approached in a number of ways. A steamer is a good investment, but a metal colander or a draining basket works as well.

Place the colander or basket of prepared vegetables in a pot that’s large enough to accommodate it with about two to three inches of water. Bring the water to a boil and cover. The steam, rising from the boiling water will cook the vegetables. Inserting a fork every few minutes will let you know when the vegetables have reached the desired tenderness.

Steamed Broccoli comes out a healthy, firm green with all of its full rich flavor. Cauliflower keeps its bright white color, and cabbage stays green, a bit firm, yet not crunchy. Carrots maintain their bright orange color and they are tender enough to easily eat, yet still firm and fresh.

Steamed vegetables look better, taste better, have more nutrition and are all-around better for you. Boiling them is a waste of nutrition. Food should never be wasted. Jesus Christ told the disciples to gather the loaves and fish that remained after He had fed the multitude so that nothing would go to waste.

Therefore, if you’re boiling your vegetables, pouring the pot liquor down the drain, you’re wasting nutrition and flavor.

Bottled Water Bisphenol a Breast Cancer

I hate receiving those chain text messages and emails. They usually having something either very informative or very spiritual to say…But in the end you wind up feeling like you’ve been had. The messages I’m referring to always end by telling you to pass them on or you’ll be cursed and life as you know it will never be the same.

Well a few months back I received an email stating that bottled water (if left in extremely warm conditions – outside, your car, etc.) had been linked to breast cancer. I DID pass this one on to all the women in my address book. Apparently when plastic water bottles are exposed to extreme heat some of the material used to make the plastic i.e. Bisphenol A contaminates the water. We ingest this chemical while drinking. This wasn’t something I took lightly and neither should you. Researchers again have enlisted the help of some of Stuart Little’s relatives and have determined that prenatal exposure to this chemical causes breast cancer in adult rats…(I didn’t know rats had breast…ewww!). This by product of melted plastic is even found in BABY BOTTLES!

Just this morning…I guess it’s just fate…the FDA is claiming despite safety concerns of parents, consumer groups and politicians, the chemical is not dangerous. Based on a review of animal studies, the government working group said bisphenol could cause changes in behavior and the brain, and that it might reduce survival and birth weight in fetuses. So…is that what they consider SAFE?

About 93 percent of Americans have traces of bisphenol in their urine, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

But the FDA’s report concluded that those levels were thousands of times below what would actually be dangerous to adults or children.

How do they know this for sure. This is the same group (FDA) that determines whether a med can hit the market. And you know how many medication recalls we’ve had. You know when doing trial studies on medications is not whether the meds cause death that keep them off the market…it’s the number of deaths they cause. For example, if a medication is being tested the target range for fatalities caused by the medication may be 2500 (wild number) meaning if the med kills 2500 people, they can’t approve it. However, if it only kills 2499 – it’s a go!

So, I say better safe than sorry. If you purchase bottled water especially by the case (like I do), don’t leave it in your car or anywhere outside for that matter.

Store the water in the fridge or a cool area in your home…Still even more frightening is the question of what type of conditions the water was exposed to before it made it to the shelf of your local air conditioned grocery store. I’m sure it’s shipped from the bottling company in a big HOT 18-wheeler. So what do you do?

Very few people are drinking tap water anymore and now there’s a possibility that the bottled water may be dangerous!

Anybody got a shovel? I’m digging a well!

Author by Roschelle Nelson

Get Immediate Poison Ivy, Oak and Sumac Relief

Irritating, itchy rashes and blisters driving you mad? You’ve used over-the-counter products and the prescriptions but they don’t work very well, or not at all. Hundreds of thousands of All Stop™ customers have experienced the fast and welcome relief to Poison Ivy suffering our Poison Ivy Healing Gel and Citris Skin Exfoliator provides. Isn’t immediate relief what you now?

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How It works

All Stop Poison Ivy, Oak & Sumac Healing Gel, a unique blend of quaternary ammonium compounds, is a topical skin treatment specifically designed to penetrate the skin and chemically bond with Urushiol. This neutralizes the urushiol and stops the allergic reaction in its tracks. All Stop Citris Skin Exfoliator gently scrubs away all trace of urishol on and in your skin. You’ll begin to feel results within minutes!

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Monday Ramblings

The Weekend

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. For as crazy as our lives have been the last month or so, this past weekend was such a nice change. Neither Ryan nor I had any obligations so we simply cherished the down time that we had together with our little man. Ryan has been working some really long days, so it felt like such a gift to have two full days with him all to ourselves. Plus the weather is finally warming up so we took advantage!

One of my very, very favorite hobbies is to trail run. It truly is my “happy place” where I am able to lose myself in my surroundings without a care in the world.

With the weather finally turning, I was able to get a few runs in this weekend and it was ah-mazing! This was the first time I’ve completed anything longer than a sprint since last fall, but I felt great! I was able to finish a 5-mile trail run in under 55 minutes on Sunday. And let me tell you, the trails here are tough (and still super mucky from all the rain last week)! The inclines in our local park do not mess around. I swear some of them are at a 70-80 degree angle and show no mercy (which is why I tend to walk those parts).  But what I loved most about running this past weekend is that it proved short bursts of high intensity cardio can be just as effective as long distance in regards to maintaining a healthy cardiovascular level. When I say I haven’t run since last Fall, I truly mean it. But I have done plenty of sprints, burpees, jump rope, etc. which obviously have done their job because I wasn’t dying through these first few runs of the season.

On Sunday, we decided to drive out and explore some new trails that reside beside a huge lake not too far from our house. It was fun to change it up and be near a body of water for once. I didn’t realize how land-locked I felt until I got my first glimpse of the lake! I can’t wait to spend some time out on the water this year! Henry wasn’t really feeling the stroller for our walk, so I ended up carrying him on my chest in the Ergobaby for most of it.


Ryan had a late hockey game that night, so I was on my own for dinner. Since we had a late lunch after our walk, I decided on “sides” for a meal. Have you ever done that at a restaurant? I’ve definitely looked at menus before and realized the side items were calling my name more so than any other extravagant meal they offered and would just order a few of those instead. So it was homemade sweet potato fries and roasted broccoli for me!

(And yes, I’m eating in bed! That’s how lazy I felt hehe)


Oh man, Henry sure tested my limits with last night’s sleep (or lack thereof). He went down a little earlier than usual, which wasn’t surprising. However, I wasn’t ready for him to wake up at 3:00am wide awake. Ugh…It didn’t help that I was exhausted. The kid was wired and no amount of nursing was going to do any good. So we played until I got him back down at 4a. Needless to say, I woke up today pretty lethargic. On top of that, I kiiind of skipped my off day, and my body was paying the price. The weather was just too nice not to run this weekend, despite being my rest day. I felt like this guy…can you relate?

But thank goodness for some Spark!

This stuff was a godsend to me this morning. Not only that, but I’ve been pairing it with Catalyst for my workouts.

The combination is hands down better than any other pre-workout I’ve used – and I’ve tried a LOT. I just feel great – that’s the only way I can describe it. There are no jitters, no tingling skin, no wired, buzzing feeling in my head…just pure, natural energy. I highly recommend trying it!  I was easily able to overcome my exhaustion and pushed through a modified Murph workout followed by a long walk with Henry through our neighborhood.

But now I’m going to enjoy the rest of this beautiful day! We may even have to go for another stroll – it’s just too hard to stay inside!  Good thing I made these delicious banana carrot muffins from Elana’s Pantry this afternoon. They look and smell so good, I can’t wait to dig into one!

I hope you all have a great week!

Be a Part of Something Big with Pharmacy Jobs

This planet earth has been occupied by living creature like human since billions of years ago. There were histories and evolution happening during this time and the result is what you see right now. The human managed to create and invent hundreds of thousands things, so called technology. And in the medical field, they also manage to discover so many types of diseases and the cure for it. It is one huge change that changes the history of the world.

Maybe in your mind there is this question on how it would be for you if you become a part of this giant history, or how would it be for you if you have the ability to save as many people as you can. Other people might never think about this, but you have been thinking about this thing since years ago. Do you have any opportunity to make it come true? Yes, of course you have. The pharmacy jobs are one of the opportunities available for you.

Here in the pharmacy job, you will learn a lot of this related to medicine. Medicine is one huge invention in a medical career. With medicines, people start to heal and gain their health back. And the good news is that you have the chance in becoming a part of this medical and healing process.

Strep Throat Symptoms

Sore throat, strep throat and tonsillitis are some of the common throat problems that afflict all people from time to time. These terms are also used interchangeably while discussing throat problems. However there are some clinical differences among these conditions. Strep throat is caused due to infection by the strep bacteria. This is a contagious condition and results in several strep throat symptoms. These symptoms tend to begin in a period of 1 to 4 days after a person gets the infection.

The strep throat symptoms tend to start off with inflammation of the throat as well as the nearby structures. The throat in case of a strep throat infection tends to become red as well as swollen. White patches are also visible on back side of throat as well as tonsils. Such white patches are suggestive of presence of pus. Other symptoms that may be present include swelling in the lymph nodes on side of neck. These lymph nodes are also tender to touch. In case of strep throat infection, patient also tends to get rapid as well as long lasting fever. The fever may be as high as 101F or even more and may last for more than 48 hours.

The strep throat symptoms may not include typical cold symptoms like running nose, coughing and sneezing. The roof of the mouth may also have bright red or dark red spots. In some cases the strep throat infection may also be accompanied with other symptoms like headache, painful swallowing, difficulty in breathing, abdominal pain, vomiting, nausea and rash.

The strep throat symptoms tend to vary depending on the patients age. Among infants, the symptoms include a thick and yellow or green drainage from nose and this may be accompanied with low grade fever, decrease in appetite and general irritability. The symptoms among toddlers may include soreness in throat, problems in swallowing, general crankiness, swelling in lymph nodes in the jaw. Among adolescents, the illness may be accompanied with high fever, painful throat, problems in swallowing etc. Strep throat infection among adults may sometimes be accompanied with mild symptoms which may make detection of the illness difficult.

While diagnosing a strep throat infection, the associated strep throat symptoms should be kept in mind. At times it is possible that people having no knowledge of strep throat infection may misdiagnose it as a common cold infection. However it is important to understand that with strep throat infection, common cold symptoms like coughing or sneezing are not present.

Strep throat symptoms accompanied with rash which is rough to touch can be a cause for concern and signal towards possible scarlet fever. It is therefore important to seek prompt medical attention if the infection is accompanied with stomach ache, vomiting and extreme tiredness. The infection can spread through activities like coughing, shaking hands with infected individuals and sneezing. It is therefore important to teach children the importance of practicing good hygiene including washing hands. The diagnosis of strep throat infection can be done based on the symptoms along with a rapid strep test. Using a cotton swab, the doctor can collect a sample of the fluids in the throat. The treatment for strep throat infection includes a 10 days antibiotic course.

The Issue of Aging and an Enlarged Prostate Gland

Aging is a natural part of life. As the minutes tick by, these minutes will end up turning into weeks, months and years. As we age, our bodies undergo a number of changes that affect our metabolism, our eyesight, our hearing any other aspects of our body. Sometimes these changes can be severe and other times they can be benign. In some instances, the changes can be somewhat confusing if we do not understand the root causes of the underlying problem that may be the result of aging.

This can be further complicated if we do not realize that the underlying medical problem is a direct result of the aging process. That is to say, the person may notice that something is wrong, but has no idea WHY something is wrong. The person may end up panicking over a condition that is, in reality, a thoroughly benign condition. Such can be the case with an enlarged prostrate gland.

Using to milk the prostate for your health, and keep a healthy lifestyle is another good option.

What is an Enlarged Prostrate Gland?

An enlarged prostrate gland is pretty much self explanatory. When a person ages, the size of the prostrate gland will grow beyond its normal size. This is not necessarily a serious condition and, in most cases, it is a benign condition that is the normal result of the aging process. However, it does have a number of side effects that can be somewhat troubling.

Side Effects of an Enlarged Prostrate

One of the most common side effects of an enlarged prostrate gland is difficulty with urination. The reason for this is that as the size of the prostrate gland expands, it starts to press against the urinary track. When this occurs, there is a minor blockage that ensues and this restricts the flow of urine. Additionally, it can cause frequency in the need to urinate as well as causing a difficulty in completely stopping urination.

Again, this is not a dangerous condition to have, but it is a very uncomfortable one and needs to be addressed. If the condition worsens and becomes incredibly difficult to deal with, then seeking the help of a qualified physician will be necessary. The treatment for this will usually involve medication therapy although surgeries are not uncommon, albeit rare.

Once again, an enlarged prostrate is not a serious condition, but it is one that can negatively affect the quality of an individual’s life. Because of this, it becomes important to seek proper treatment when symptoms of the condition occur.

Types Of Prostate Removal

A surgical procedure performed for prostate removal is called a prostatectomy, it can be either total or a partial removal of the prostate. Prostate removal is one possible treatment option for those with prostate enlargement or prostate cancer. The prostate is a gland only found in men which is located under the bladder and in front of the rectum. It surrounds the neck of the bladder as well as the urethra which is the tube that is responsible for draining the bladder. For a healthy man the prostate is about the size of a walnut.

There are three glands necessary for reproduction and one of these is the prostate which is responsible for producing a sticky, milky fluid of acids and enzymes. This fluid then makes up about fifteen percent of the overall volume of semen and it helps to sustain the level of sperm cells in the testicles. There is muscle surrounding the prostate which contract when needing to ejaculate the fluid. When the entire prostate gland has to be removed it is known as a radical prostatectomy and it can be performed in several ways.

Prostate Removal Methods

The first option is a perineal prostatectomy which removes the prostate though an incision in the scrotum and anus. There may also be another incision in the abdomen to remove the nearby lymph nodes. The second method is a suprapubic prostatectomy in which an incision in the abdomen just below the belly button is used to remove the prostate and sometimes the nearby lymph nodes. This method is often used in the cases of spreading prostate cancer since it allows the surgeon to remove more tissue. The final method is a laparoscopic prostatectomy which uses a thin tube-like instrument to remove the prostate inserted through a small incision in the belly button.

Other Options

When it comes to prostate removal there is also the option of a partial prostatectomy in which only part of the prostate tissue is removed. This method of prostate removal is typically only used for those with prostate enlargement and is typically performed as a laser procedure, in which the laser beam cuts in or destroys part of the prostate tissue. However, this procedure is still considered experimental so you won’t be able to find it in all hospitals.

Prostate removal is an effective treatment option for those with prostate enlargement and prostate cancer. However, it is still a major surgery which means it has some risks and side effects that you should be aware of. Incontinence and impotence are the two biggest problems associated with a prostatectomy, although the good news is that they are temporary and may go away in time. “Nerve-sparing” techniques have also helped to substantially reduce the chance of impotence.

Yoga For Back Pain – Yoga Helps Back Ache

If you have got a back downside, it’s best to urge an okay from your doctor before trying yoga. Back pain is typically the result of a biomechanical imbalance in spinal structures. Yoga for back pain has been accepted by many chiropractors and back specialists. Before starting yoga for back pain, consult your doctor to create positive you don’t make matters worse.

Back pain will be caused by a number of things, from slipped discs to damaged muscles or ligaments. But, back pain will additionally be caused by infections, bone spurs or tumors. When yoga for back pain is implemented, the pain is reduced by stretching and strengthening the spine. You need to exercise proper posture and this could be practiced so that you’ll be able to get relieved from the back pain even once you’re not practicing yoga. Back pain is increasingly a problem for many adults. The problem can generally lie in the actual fact that the spine is compressed and the back muscles are tight and weak. Since yoga postures aim to strengthen the spine and lengthen and stretch muscles, it can be ideal for many back pain sufferers

Yoga For Back Pain Exercise

You’ll be able to observe your body’s natural tendency to complete poor spinal posture with this straightforward back pain exercise.

From a standing position hold a plastic water bottle in your hands.

Strive raising your arms forward and up halfway until they’re parallel to the ground.

You will notice a small backward displacement of your shoulders.

After a brief whereas as you hold this position you’ll additionally notice muscle tension in your shoulders and upper back.

This is often because you body is changing its posture or “compensating” to maintain its balance whereas holding this position.

Recommendation on Yoga for Back Pain

It is terribly vital to make certain that exercise is the proper treatment for your specific condition. It’s wise to consult a doctor before beginning any exercise program.

Yoga could be a fantastic physical and mental activity. It may not cure every sort of pain, however it can increase your general health. A physically and mentally healthy person is often a lot of ready to house back pain than a person in poor health.

And this compensation requires the contraction of the muscles in your shoulders and upper back. Keep you from enjoying several of life’s activities, then try yoga for back pain and eventually live life as you once did.

Precautions to be taken for Avoiding Back Pain

Your back will still be healthy and strong by a regular observe of yoga for back. Determine the poses even if you are not experiencing any back problems. Keeping your back healthy is the best approach to prevent low back injury.

Solely self-care cannot facilitate your manage and relieve back pain, it will help you stop it.

As an example, once you’re selecting up one thing heavy, never attempt to lift objects that are too serious for you. Lift by bending your knees, not your back. Keep your back straight and your head down and lined up with your back.

Keep the article shut to your body, dividing the load evenly throughout your body as you lift. Never twist your body when lifting.

Yoga Retreats And Golf – Strange Bedmates Or Not?

In the identical method that golf is turning into additional open to ladies players, yoga is beginning to be more appealing and acceptable for men. The discovery that bound yoga postures are an excellent manner to boost your golf swing, has led to the formation of retreats that mix yoga categories with access to a prime quality golf course, to make the right relaxing holiday.

Thus will yoga extremely facilitate your game? Prime golfers like Jesper Parnevick certainly believe so, and he ought to recognize as he uses yoga as half of his regular exercise regime. In addition to improving your general physique, the outlook created by yoga, which is calm and concentrated, is perfect for a good game of golf.

One amongst the things a golf focused yoga course can focus on is controlling your breathing. The pressure and competitiveness of a golf game can cause erratic breathing, which makes enjoying much additional difficult. Having the ability to unharness all negative thoughts and feelings using yoga techniques can enable you to be centered on the game without any destructive tension.

Physically there are various ways in which yoga can help your golf game. Initial courses will concentrate of accelerating flexibility as an enormous proportion of golfers are literally not versatile enough to realize a really effective swing. As your proficiency in yoga will increase, you may become more conscious of what your whole body is doing during your swing.

There are varied poses utilized in yoga programs geared toward golfers, and furthermore flexibility, these concentrate on balance and correcting the posture. The repetitive nature of the golf swing can cause a body imbalance that yoga can easily correct.

The cat cause is typically used for golfers to figure their spinal muscles, to increase flexibility and vary of motion, and to develop a balanced stance. Additionally golf programs typically include warrior poses that additionally work on a maintaining solid stance, while increasing rotation and extension capabilities at the identical time.

Other postures utilized in golf specific yoga embrace the extended table cause and twisted straddle prose. The extended table will help you to keep your back straight, reducing back ache during a long game. The twisting straddle will increase a golfer’s range of motion plus improving their hamstring flexibility.

So if you’re a golfer trying for the final vacation where you’ll relax and balance your body and mind, while operating on your golf swing, a golf and yoga retreat could be simply the issue for you. Most packages embrace accommodation, course fees and daily yoga classes specially tailored to satisfy your golfing needs.